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Thread: taking PIS apart

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    Default taking PIS apart

    Hi there just wondering, does anyone else have trouble taking the yellow peice off the PISA to air dry after cleaning? Is there any way to easily keep that clear part with it clean that the membranes attach to? (sorry not sure off all the part names.) I did just get the medela quick clean wipes but haven't tried them yet. Thanks for any input!

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    ive heard the wipe are good when you need them but i alaways used water/soap and sometimes a vinegar soak.

    if i did not have a chance to rinse i wouldnt, it is ok. some moms just put the set up in a fridge and take it out for the next session.

    i used to wiggle the yellow piece (valve) off, it is tight. i would take the white membrane off to dry when i could. i didnt used to and then i found black stuff. yuck.

    there are little brushes they sell for cleaning sippy cup straws, some moms use those to clean inside that clear piece.

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    Thanks for all the tips!

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    For me, one of the most important things to learn when putting my pump parts together was to not fit that yellow piece on too tightly. The sometimes I'd just wedge it on there not thinking and then almost tear the membranes trying to get it off to clean it.

    It doesn't take much force to put it on and then a little wiggle will typically get it off.

    Good luck!
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