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    So, my ten month old has been a great nurser, but has recently started biting me. I said no, ended the nursing session, and scared him to death because I jumped when he did it. Now, I am a nervous wreck every time he nurses. I don't know what to do, because I am constantly worried he is going to bite me. I am thinking I might have to wean him, because of the anxiety it's causing. I guess I just need some BTDT advice/sympathy??

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    Biting is really hard. Because it violates the trust in a very intimate relationship. I think that saying NO and putting the child down and immediately ending the session whenever it happens is the best way to teach that the behavior is not appropriate. But often it starts to happen because babies don't know what to do with the new landscape in the mouth as far as teeth. So popping off when ever the latch slides and making your baby open wide like a new born and shoving as much breast tissue as possible will help. Because it hurts way less to have your breast bitten than your nipple.

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    I had to anticipate when or if my LO was readying to bite me.
    I had to stay somewhat vigilant during a feeding to predict when a happy nursing session would turn into an oppourtunity to bite me.
    your immediate reaction might have been enough of a jolt to your LO to discourage a repeat attempt.
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