Hi Amber,
My daughter was born the day after yours and its been really interesting to read all your posts cause we have had many of the same issues at the same time!
My girl sleeps with us, and I just curl up around her, giving us both enough room to breathe. She always ends up closer to me in the morning, and I think she might wake up around 3 times per night, but a few times, I've woken up thinking I've dreamed she was nursing. I think she actually really did nurse, but I was too sleepy to remember waking up. I know it seems like you're too aware of her to sleep well at night, but my girl grunted almost constantly for the first 6 wks of her life, and I think sleeping next to that has helped me really know what she wants almost every time she starts making noises during the day. I was much more aware of her noises and freaked out and got less sleep when I tried to have her sleep in her bassinet across the room. I just read the "sleeping like a baby" chapter of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding last night and it was a great confidence booster about collecting! It also gave some safety tips for doing it; maybe those would help you feel more comfortable with the whole thing. I checked it out from my local library, so that was great too...free reading!
Good luck!