about pumping. I'm pretty sure that's what CAUSED the massive oversupply I had with Joe. With this second baby, I haven't pumped even once, and I do have some OALD and my supply is plentiful (we sometimes get milk baths during feeding sessions! ) but I don't have the horrible engorgement, clogged ducts, digestive distress in the baby, and mastitis I had with Joe. It has really made a world of difference. I plan to start pumping for my work freezer stash a couple of weeks before I go back to work. I am not worried about having enough at work, because I've been through this before - last time I had an enormous stash and it mostly went to waste. This time I'm really just trying for a couple days stashed supply (20-30 oz) maximum and it should be no problem to pump that with a once a day session for a couple of weeks.