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Thread: Baby Refusing One Breast HELP

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    Question Baby Refusing One Breast HELP


    I have a 7 week old son who just recently ( a few days ago) started refusing my right breast. He latches on no problem, starts eating but then only lasts for five minutes and starts pulling away. He unlatches but immediately wants back on and so it goes on and off like that until he starts crying. I really can't figure it out, maybe he's not satisfied with the flow but breast compression rarely helps, then I thought that something might be stuck in there so I tried massage and hand expressing before and during feeding but still he was fussy, tried burping and changing positions, doesn't seem to be it either. My breasts are relatively small, the right one being the smaller - maybe he prefers the left side because its bigger? We never had any problems, my son is a big comfort nurser(manages to suck on the 'good' breast for hours if I let him)

    He also recently started having green mucusy stools all the time (3-5 times a day), could this result into some hindmilk/foremilk imbalance? We visited our pd, were gaining weight well, she didn't seem to be too concerned about the stool.

    I'm a first time mom, thank you so much for any comments or thoughts! Greatly appreciated!

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    It looks like your post got missed somehow... I'm sorry about that!

    Are you able to feel your letdown? Can you tell if he pulls off before, during, or after the letdown?

    It could be that he's frustrated the milk isn't coming fast enough, but the symptoms also sound an awful lot like overactive letdown, which is where the milk flow is too fast. Do you hear him actively swallowing before he pulls off?

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