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Thread: Lipase?

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    So, Monday night my LO (who is 11 weeks) was home with my husband while I was at work. She had a bottle of frozen milk and drank an ounce and then refused it and cried and cried. She usually does okay with a bottle so I thought she was either rejecting the bottle or because it was night time she wanted me. So in the morning I pumped and gave her a bottle and she took it just fine. So at night I wanted to try the bottle as well (with milk from the same pumping session in the morning that was in the fridge) she took an ounce and refused it again. So yesterday I pumped in the morning and she took a bottle with it. I pumped right before work and she ate a bottle and my husband said she ate the 2nd bottle fine (it was not put in the fridge and was within the 4 hour time)

    I was thinking maybe I have a lipase issue. I pumped tonight when I got home and took a frozen bag out of the freezer to test them. The frozen one didn't smell bad then I smelled the freshley pumped one and back to the frozen one and I could smell a difference. It still wasn't really bad smelling just stronger and different. So I tasted them. The pumped one was not bad tasting. The frozen one was not that good but wasn't extremely horrible. It had a horrible after taste though. I would defitinly pick the fresh stuff over the frozen. The frozen one didn't taste soapy and maybe a little metallic but the pumped ones had a bit of that taste as well.

    Do you think it's lipase? Or maybe she is just picky and does not want the older stuff? Even if it sat in the fridge for 10 hours she refused it. Also I'm a little confused because she use to drink frozen milk in the past ?? Is this something I would have always had or is it something that can just happen??? Any advice or suggestions would be great.


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    She may have a very sensitive palate and doesn't care for the small amount of lipase change you are describing. Try scalding and see if that makes her happier.
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