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Thread: mourning the loss of my boobs

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    Default mourning the loss of my boobs

    So shallow I know, but my 16 mo ds is only nursing at night and my boobs are so deflated. I miss them! I have not gotten AF back yet, perhaps when I do, they'll fill in a bit???

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    Default Re: mourning the loss of my boobs

    With DD2 when she was 3 months old, I had the most fabulous looking full and proud set of breasts.
    But that did not last long.
    even though i nursed probably for a cumulative of 13 +/- years, my breasts are, well I love them but they are so sad looking.
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    Default Re: mourning the loss of my boobs

    Nope. It is what it is. Pumping made mine pretty sad, way sadder than I expected, and they are deflating even more as I cycle.
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    Default Re: mourning the loss of my boobs

    I have to agree. Once I stopped nursing/pumping with DS they were like a National Geographic show. Very sad. The only remedy was to get pregnant again
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    Default Re: mourning the loss of my boobs

    well, I'm not alone! Push ups here I come!

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