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    Lightbulb Help!! :/

    My 3rd son is currently 5 weeks. He has been pooping and peeing and gaining weight beautifully! Recently he has been crying when nursing and tugging very hard at my breasts. He has been alert and awake for longer periods of time as well. He can't seem to get full when breastfeeding. He needs to nurse for 40 min or longer and most of the time he will either just exhaust and fall asleep or he will scream and still act hungry. He is fussy all day and just not happy and satisfied. He was in the nicu for 10 days and I was not able to nurse him until day 7. It took about 4-5 days for my milk to come in from pumping. When nursing and pumping my let down is very short and I only have one. When pumping i get around 1-2 oz altogether and my milk does not spray, it just drips. I want to keep breastfeeding but I don't have the time to feed him for 40 or more min and then give him a bottle too. Thought about just pumping but it would require me to pump 3 or more times between feeding in order to get the 3.5 oz he is Eatting now. Help! Do I have a slow flow and a short supply?! What can I do?!

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    Switch sides. Over and over and over. This is how you build supply. Not by pumping. And sure nt by exclusively pumping. That is far, far more work?

    If poops and wets and weight gain are fine,he's getting enough. Babies fuss, and it's not mom's fault, nor is it becasue of low supply.

    Try doing breast compressions to keep him interested.

    Don't do bottles. Just keep nursing and switching and nursing.
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    I agree with aprilsmagic... If he's peeing and pooping enough and gaining weight well, then he's getting all the milk he needs and the fussiness probably isn't hunger. And 1-2 oz is a pretty normal amount to get from a pumping session.

    Are you giving him bottles now? How often?

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