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Thread: Raynaud's Phenomenon with no relief

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    My LO is almost 5 weeks old, and after going through treatments for thrush, I have now been correctly diagnosed with Raynaud's Phenomenon of the Nipple. This makes alot of sense to me, as I am hypothyroid, and the two can often go hand-in-hand. I am EBF Liam, but it has been absolutely painful, bringing me to tears each time he nurses. I am taking Nifedipine now, but have seen no relief from the pain. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience, or even encouragement. No matter the pain, I am committed to EBF him, but would love to enjoy the experience more.

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    Vasospasms are frankly, the worst pain.

    I lived with the pain for about 6-7 weeks with my first LO. (I was the one who finally figured out what it was and by that time was so frustrated by the LCs at the hospital, I refused to ask for more help! ) It WILL get better!

    How long have you been taking the Nifedipine?
    Have you seen this info from Dr Jack Newman on Raynaud's/vasospasms?

    The warm, dry compresses and magnesium made a big difference for me when I had #2. Each time, I experienced vasospasms during the early weeks and then once they went away, I never experienced a recurrence. That is not the case for everyone and some women have needed a second round of Nifedipine.

    Hang in there, mama!
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    Default Re: Raynaud's Phenomenon with no relief

    Hello and welcome!

    I'm so sorry this is going on for you. I also have Raynaud's (of the toes) and have recently had some flareups in my nipples - not quite to the extreme that you describe, though. My issue seems to be exacerbated by pumping, not so much nursing. But I will share what has helped alleviate the symptoms - using warm compresses after I pump. You could try these "Booby Tubes" right before and after feeding:


    The hassle of microwaving them for 30 seconds is really not a big deal and the relief is really nice. I've not tried medications but hang in there because from what I understand nifedipine WILL work - some women need two or three rounds of it, but I've only heard success stories with it. How long have you been taking it?

    Keep up the good work and I'm sure things will improve soon - keep us posted!
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    Default Re: Raynaud's Phenomenon with no relief

    Have you had your thyroid checked recently? Thyroid problems (both hypo and hyper) are really common postpartum, more so in women who have already experienced thyroid issues.

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