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Thread: Baby eating tooo much when i'm at work???

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    Default Baby eating tooo much when i'm at work???

    helllo ladies. I have a LO 8 weeks old. I have been back to work 3 weeks now. I pump at work and set up 3 0z bottles for when im gone. today she finished two 3oz bottles with only about a half hour inbetween. that's 6 ounces. now i have notices that during the day she eats less but more frequently and in the evenings she eats more at one time and stretches longer inbetween feedings. when i am home she will nurse on one side during the day.. about every 2 hours.. but towards the evening she will nurse both sides and go 3-5 hours inbetween feedings.. how much should an 8 weeks old be taking in? is it possible that she was just really hungry. I'm waiting for her to throw it back up... lol..

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    Default Re: Baby eating tooo much when i'm at work???

    It is not always easy to gauge how much an infant will eat on any given day. Your Lo was overfed during the day, 6 ounces in one feeding is 3 ounces too many.
    there is great information on this website about working and breastfeeding and how to help your DCP feed and comfort your LO w/o overfeeding.
    When the two of you are home , let her nurse to her hearts content. The manner in which a baby suckles changes during a feeding and this is a good thing. comfort nursing/sucking is helpful and soothes a baby.
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    I just kinda posted about this in a different thread, but... here it goes again. I'm a new mom, so here are my 2 cents

    This happened yesterday... I was getting home from work and my mom (who's taking care of baby for now) was feeding my baby from the bottle, 3 oz. Once she finished the bottle and my mom pulled it out she started crying like she was still hungry. My mom told me to nurse her some more because she was hungry. After a few minutes, she stopped crying and was acting very content and seemed satisfied.
    I didn't nurse her until after 2 or 2 1/2 hours after that.

    I think they just get mad because they can't suck the nipple anymore when you pull the bottle. I'm sure sometimes it could be that they are still hungry, but what happend to me yesterday made me think that.

    As the PP says, there is a lot of good info here about how to bottle feed the babies to avoid overfeeding, and my LC also made some recommendations such as don't hold the bottle completely vertical, but in a more horizontal way (the baby sitting down and bottle parallel to the floor) and try not to fill the nipple completely so they can actually suck, and work a little harder to get the milk out of the bottle.

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    Default Re: Baby eating tooo much when i'm at work???

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