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Thread: Pumping with OS?

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    Hi ladies!
    I will be returning to work next Tuesday and I'm not sure what to do about pumping.
    My LO is 11wks. For the first week I was pumping after each feeding and I'm not sure if that caused an oversupply or if I'm just programmed that way. But thanks to LLforums and advise on here to other moms, I stopped pumping and started feeding on demand and only one side at a time. My supply is fairly well regulated now! So, my delima is this...I need to start pumping to get a small stash for day 1, do I pump only the one side after he is done nursing? And then when I go back to work I'm thinking I will only be able to pump every 4hrs (he usually nurses every two).so do I drain both sides? Will the four hours affect my supply greatly? I will be working 3 12 hr shifts so I will BF on days off. Do I continue to pump both sides on days off after he is done!? I'm pretty nervous about creating an OS issue again. Any advise is greatly appreciated!!!

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    I think you start pumping the same way any other mom does: you choose one time per day, perhaps right after the first morning nursing session, and you pump and see how much you get. Now that your supply is fairly well regulated, you may not get a huge amount. Keep pumping every day at that same time, and evaluate. Are you going into oversupply mode? Are you producing the milk you need?

    Pumping every 4 hours is fairly infrequent. I'd pump both sides at a time, because if baby typically takes one side every 2 hours that means both sides get drained every 4 hours. Again, see how much you're yielding with this schedule. If it's not enough, then you may need to do some pumping after nursing when you're with your baby. If it's too much, you may need to throttle back and pump less.

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