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Thread: Need advice for OALD

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    Default Need advice for OALD

    A quick background of my journey so far...
    My LO is 11 weeks now and for the past three weeks during the day he will only nurse while I walk with him and bouncing him almost to sleep. Also he has been nursing every hour to hour and a half. He does well at night and sleeps 6 hours straight.

    I think his reluctancy to nurse has to do with 3 things, 1-I have OALD on my right breast (also and inverted nipple) 2-My let down was slow and he was impatient 3-He was getting distracted by everything around him. So once I've learned these were the problems I now nurse in a quiet, low lighted room and I won't let my husband talk to me during nursing. My let down is now faster since he has been nursing so often. For the past 2 days he has been calmer and I can sit and nurse with my left breast but now my problem is the OALD right breast.

    Most of the time he won't latch to the right breast and if he doesn't then he doesn't get full and I have to nurse in an hour. To get him to latch I have to bounce him and he has to be in a good mood. I've tried the layed back position but he doesn't like that at all. And I start with the left so I can catch the spray on the right breat before switching him. I'm hesitant to try the right side because I don't want him to go on strike again.
    Should I keep trying to put him on the right side for each feeding or should I just let him enjoy the left for now? If so for how long? Should I pump the right side if he doesn't feed from it? (It is smaller and doesn't produce as much since it took him awhile to learn to latch on the inverted nipple). I don't want the right side to dry up.

    I could use some advice on how to approch this. Thanks

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    Default Re: Need advice for OALD

    Maybe do what you're doing with starting him on the left breast and then if he falls asleep, try switching him to the right breast and dreamfeeding. Or trying the right breast at night when he's still not fully awake. I think if you are able to get more stimulation to the right side, it should help with bringing out the inverted nipple as well as supply.

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    Default Re: Need advice for OALD

    Try nursing him laying down. I found that postion very good with my OALD. They let the excess run out of the side of their mouths.
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    Default Re: Need advice for OALD

    with pp.

    I used to be dealing with mild oversupply, but now that it has calmed down I am still dealing with OALD. My milk just sprays and sprays and sprays.
    Unless LO is asleep or half-asleep, I usually nurse lying down with her (with a thick cloth diaper underneath her head). When she gets overwhelmed, she will no longer pull off but just break suction and let milk run out of her mouth. This works well for us because we could never quite get the hang of having her lay on top of me while nursing.

    Getting her face all sticky with milk is better than having her pull off and cry!

    Good luck!!

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