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Thread: Help!! 3 month old on a nursing strike!!

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    Default Help!! 3 month old on a nursing strike!!

    So my 3 month old daughter has decided to go on a nursing strike. Any time I get her near my boob to nurse she starts screaming at the top of her lungs and won't stop until I take her away. We had a rough start with nursing, but after using a nipple shield we have been happily nursing since 3 weeks old. She does take a bottle very well because I work full time. I'm a nurse so 3 days a week for 12 hour shifts. I pump 3 times while at work. I nurse her any other time I am with her. She was doing very well going back and forth between bottle and boob since 6 weeks old. However, starting this past Saturday night, she started having the screaming fits. I tried with and without the nipple shield. Nothing works. I end up having to give her a bottle each time. I feel so bad that she doesn't want to nurse any more when she lived it a few days ago. Any advice??

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    Default Re: Help!! 3 month old on a nursing strike!!

    Sorry to hear this. But I'm sure you can come up with some tricks to make it work again. For what it's worth, my 4 month old hasn't nursed while awake in over a month! Babies are weird and I don't know why. Anyways, here are some things to try that have worked for me. I'm sure others will chime in.

    1. Try nursing when sleepy or asleep. Sometimes babies who are refusing the breast while awake will nurse just fine when falling asleep, asleep, or just waking up.

    2. Try nursing in a dark room with some white noise. Or, try nursing in a sling while walking. Try different nursing positions.

    3. Try stimulating a let-down before latching baby on so there is an immediate reward. Or, try offering about 1/4 ounce in a bottle, then switching her over to the breast. This sometimes works well for babies who are getting too attached to the bottles. They've got a little in their tummy to calm and focus them, then they have the patience to nurse. The key is to give as little in the bottle as possible so baby doesn't get too full and gets the majority of the feeding at the breast. This method actually worked pretty well with my son.
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    Default Re: Help!! 3 month old on a nursing strike!!

    http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/ this article has most of the advice I would give. Try not to take it personally. My daughter was on a 4 month nursing strike and it was very very difficult but definitely worth persevering through (and most babies don't strike anywhere near that long so don't let that discourage you). I mostly nursed her when she was sleeping/just waking up before her eyes opened. Once her eyes were opened there was no point. We co-slept and that helped to catch her a few times during the night.
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    Default Re: Help!! 3 month old on a nursing strike!!

    Could she have an ear infection or other issue making nursing uncomfortable?
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