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Thread: Doctor said we need to supplement :(

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    Default Doctor said we need to supplement :(

    My daughter is 8 weeks and we've had trouble breastfeeding from the start. They gave me a nipple shield in the hospital because she could not latch properly and we continued having problems. Then we found out she has tongue tie and isn't gaining enough weight. So I started taking fenugreek and Friday we got her tongue clipped to fix the tongue tie. I thought she was eating better but today at her weight check we found out she only gained a half an ounce in 5 days. Her dr is very pro breastfeedig but said we need to start giving her an ounce of Enfamil after each breastfeeding session, in a syringe. The dr said she doesn't think we'll have to do this permanently as she believes I have a large enough supply because she has enough wet and poopy diapers every day. I can't help but feel inadequate, like I can't give her everything she needs.

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    Don't feel inadequate! If you're inadequate, then so am I and so are lots of moms who struggle with nursing challenges.

    I am glad you have a pro-breastfeeding doc. However, I don't think you got the most pro-breastfeeding advice. Simply supplementing with a syringe of formula is not the ideal way to deal with the issues you're having. Ideally, if you must supplement you should do so with your own milk. Your milk has more calories than formula (on average), has all the protective immune factors that formula doesn't have, and if you are pumping to supplement, that means your supply will stay equal to your baby's needs. Just supplementing, without pumping, means your supply will end up below what baby needs, and you'll have a harder time transitioning away from supplemental feedings. So go get a pump and get busy!

    You just got your baby's tongue tie clipped on Friday. It may take a little while before baby learns to use her tongue properly. But I doubt that you're going to be stuck supplementing forever! The fact that your baby produces enough wet and poopy diapers is an excellent sign that you're close to being able to do without supplements.

    Are you still using the shield? Shields can slow or reduce milk transfer, and could be responsible for some of the problems you're having.

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    Default Re: Doctor said we need to supplement :(

    Have you met with a lactation consultant to form a plan to wean from the breast shield? That may help too.

    I really like mommal's advice. Try pumping and supplementing your own milk. The doctor really seems to want you to continue to breast feed and be successful. It's a learning curve for you both. Please don't feel like a failure. There's no such thing. You're a loving, caring Mother trying to do the best for her baby. Success!
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    Default Re: Doctor said we need to supplement :(

    Anybody shown you exercises to do post-clip? Those can help.

    If you do supplement with anything, give it first and thn nurse to keep baby's interest in the breast. Finish at the breast.
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