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Thread: Need help baby not latching on!

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    Unhappy Need help baby not latching on!

    My baby is now 5 days old. I had a c section and was able to get her to latch on 2 hours after surgery. She was doing very well in the hospital feeding every 2 hours until a nurse took her to the nursery and gave her a pacifier, once she was returned to me she did not want to latch on anymore. I had to get nurses to help me trick her to latch on. Before being discharged the nurses encouraged me to supplement her feeding so I did. Now that she is home I am constantly battling with her to latch on correctly and she gets frustrated really quick and pulls away. I switch positions for her I even manually extract milk so she can taste it but I feel that all she wants is the bottle. Today i was able to trick her and give her breast first then she got upset, then I gave her some bottle (enough to get something in her tummy) and then finally I had her latch on once more. She falls asleep while latched and I think she is full so i pull her off and she wakes up. I try re-latching her with no success. I feel that i am not producing enough milk for her and she is starting to prefer the bottle. But as she fights with me and I think I am empty I am able to hand express some milk but not a whole lot. On top of that I feel like I am becoming engorged and I am pumping but I barley get a small amount of milk expressed. i have tried cold packs to reduce swelling and hot packs before I pump or breast feed, yet once she feeds or I express milk my breast quickly become hard again. Can someone please offer some advice. This is my second child and I breast fed the 1st child but it was even hard as he for sure had nipple confusion from the nursery feeding him bottle and I had to resort to wearing a nipple shield.

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    monchis you may need more help than you can get online. Your baby is unable to latch for some reason, and hands on help may be needed. I suggest you call a local LLL Leader and/or lactation consultant.

    Engorgement is going to make latch and every thing else worse. Look up engorgement on this site and see the article that includes the latch assistance technique reverse pressure softening.

    You have got to keep that milk flowing. If your pump cannot get the milk out, keep hand expressing or jsut getting in the shower and massaging the milk out. Check your pump, it may be malfunctioning. Change the membranes and check all tubes/connections. if you cannot get latch figured out soon, you may need to rent a hospital grade pump.

    Baby must be fed, and if baby cannot be fed at the breast, they need expressed breastmilk or formula. If you are able to express any milk, feed that to baby, try a syringe or cup feeding rather than a bottle if you like.

    Try laid back breastfeeding. See www.biologicalnurturing.com and see http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfeeding.pdf

    Most important, get hands on help if you possibly can! This is early days and you are making lots of milk, so there is no reason you will not be able to breastfeed going forward.

    I will be off site for awhile. So I will not be able to respond if you reply. But the smart mommas here can offer suggestions and support!

    also see: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...ching_baby.pdf

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    with LLLMeg's excellent advice. I strongly encourage you to get hands-on help!

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    IBCLC. NOT the hospital. You need some hands on help. But it can be done. I had almost the same experience with my first: I was transferred PP to the hospital, where he got a bottle while I was in emergency surgery. My mom insisted he needed a pacifier. He hated to nurse after just a day. It took me eight weeks to overcome that damage, but I did it alone because I didn't know about IBCLC's (and there weren't any in the area at the time anyway). You can do it!
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