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Thread: What is this on my nipple?

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    Default What is this on my nipple?

    Earlier this week (on Tuesday morning), I noticed that I had a clogged milk duct. I've had these before, so got to work with heat, massage, lots of nursing, etc. It didn't work and was still clogged Wednesday evening. When I was in the shower, I noticed a small bleb. I've had these before too and have always been able to get them out with a sterilized needle. So, I tried that again. This one was pretty hard to get but eventually I was able to pull it out with my fingers and the milk came flowing out. Problem solved.

    However, on Friday, in the same spot I had been picking at, a hard, crusty white spot has now formed. It is really painful when I nurse and even a little painful between nursings (when my clothes rub on it, for example). Is this a scab? Or an infection? What do I do about it? It seems to be getting worse, not better. Should I make an appointment with my GP?

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: What is this on my nipple?

    It sounds like a bleb, possibly from skin growing over the duct opening during the healing process since you already worked at it before. Here is a link to KellyMom about how to treat a milk blister. If you are prone to clogged ducts, it might be a good idea to check into adding Lecithin to your diet.

    Hope you find some relief, mama!
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