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    Question Struggling to decide

    Hi, First want to say Thank you and to this forum - couldnt have made it this far without reading all the encouraging notes about all the other mom's on this journey. I made it to 6 months of exclusive nursing/pumping routine for my lovely daughter. Now in the 7 month as solids began , her intake has reduced considerably and hence may be my supply. It went from 20-24 oz per day (I know not a lot but she has always been a light eater), to just utmost 15 oz.. She is only 14 lbs still in her 7th month! I pump about 3-4 times and nurse about 3 times. Always have to top off with a bottle even when I nurse (used to struggle with that since she was born). Although she latches well, she is just not as efficient.

    I am so tired these days, right arm & shoulder is always hurting had to start physical therapy, no time to work out or anything else and now have to travel for work one day in the week for the next couple of weeks - TSA, breast milk, pump et. all... I am considering weaning her slowly as she is not drinking much anyway. Anyone else in the same boat - what do you suggest?

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    Since either breastmilk or formula needs to make up most of baby's diet in the first 12 months, I wouldn't consider her transition to solids as a factor in your decision. I think you will want to offer nursing or a bottle OVER solids, especially if she is filling up on solids and has an issue with weight gain.

    It sounds like you are having to pump both at work and at home - that must be tiring! Since your LO is much older now, have you tried not topping off with the bottle and instead just switching sides or offering to nurse more? That's the best way to bump up your supply and reduce your workload of having to nurse, pump AND give bottles.

    As for traveling by plane with breastmilk, a lot of mamas here have done this and hopefully one will chime in. I found this thread which has some good info: http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...k+plane+travel

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    Excellent advice from the PP. If you're going to wean, you need to replace baby's intake with formula, not solids, because as the PP said, one of those 2 options is supposed to make up the majority of baby's diet until the first birthday.

    I personally would not wean at 6 months. At most, I'd combination feed: that is, breastfeed when you're with the baby, provide as much breastmilk via pump as is possible or as much as you can bring yourself to pump given the time and energy it takes to pump, and make up any shortfalls with formula. And I would certainly do as the PP suggested and stop the top-ups at home, because at 6 months a baby should be fully capable of nursing without needing a top-up afterwards. It's possible your baby has come to expect them, and that's causing her to be lazy at the breast, but the best way to deal with that is to phase out the bottles and help baby to learn that she has to work at the breast, not just fool around and wait for the bottle to make her life easy.

    I can completely understand how exhausted you must be from all the pumping. What sort of pump are you using? When you say your arm and shoulder hurt, I have to wonder if you've been using a manual pump?

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