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Thread: my nipple has an oucy!

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    Default my nipple has an oucy!

    my son is 16 mos. He nurses and also takes a bottle/sippy cup. yesterday i felt a discomfort on my right nipple and saw a small whitish are. Today it's way worse and it's a bigger more difined white area. almost looks like the head of a pimple...but it's not....as far as I can tell.

    Anyone have experience with this? It reallllly hurts. Feels like an open wound and salt!


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    ouchy... i really can spell

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    Sounds like a bleb. Ouchy indeed. I have opened mine with a sterilized needle to drain. Hurts like heck, but relief follows soon after.

    Here is some information on blebs and some different ways to treat them:

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    Yes. Definitely sounds like a bleb. I had my first one when my son was about 13 months, following a recurring plugged duct. They sure do hurt and can stick around for a while. There's good information on the site above, and others will probably chime in with more. Good luck getting rid of it!

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