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Thread: 5.5 weeks and not eating?

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    Default 5.5 weeks and not eating?

    holding a sleeping lo

    Rebecca has been eating great up until today. She would rather sleep than eat and doesn't seem ill - just gassy. I'd prepared myself for a growth spurt and now she's nibbling or just not eating.

    Our brief history is oversupply and she eats most of her meals fast do to the way it comes out. It doesn't spray but just comes out alot at a time. Worse on the right but both sides are like this...as she eats, milk escapes her mouth running down her face and my breast.

    I tried to pump the other day and have been super engorged since then. Normal? Does it get better?

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    Hi there
    It's always concerning when our kiddos aren't eating as much as we think they should! What was her birth weight and what is her weight now?

    First things first, let's make sure she's getting enough to eat. This article can help you determine that:

    If you think she's getting enough to eat then it's probably one of 2 things: either she's coming out of a growth spurt that wasn't obvious and now she's nursing a little less; or maybe she's getting a little more efficient at eating from the breast and doesn't need to nurse as frequently.

    If you DON'T think she's getting enough to eat, then contact a LLL Leader (click the link in my signature) or an LC to get some help soon.

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    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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