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Thread: desperately seeking more supply

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    Question desperately seeking more supply

    I have been breastfeeding for almost 7 months. I am trying my very best to breastfeed until baby weans herself. I work fulltime and pump 4 times a day, once before work 7:30, twice on breaks 10:30/3:30, and once on my lunch 12:00. All for 15 minutes. I have had my supply slowly diminish. I once pumped 12 ounces when I first returned to work 3months ago, now I'm down to 2 ounces. I want to bring my milk back and don't know how. I have tried everything I can from what I've read works, from fennugreek, to mothersmilk, Nursing tea, dill seed, goats rue, power pumping, looking at photos and videos of baby, drinking loads of water, standing on my head (just kidding). My pump recently started losing suction and I lost one day of pumping which really diminished my supply. I went out and bought a replacement Medela Pump In Style, same as I had before, but the suction doesnt seem as strong as my old pump was when it was working properly. I really dont know how to hand express but after pumping today, I tried and got a little bit, but didnt have much time, which indicates to me that the pump isnt pulling all my milk out.
    After buying a brand new pump 2 days ago, its going to be difficult to convince my husband that I need to rent a commercial grade pump for $75.00 per month. I dont know what else to do.
    I am Desperate to continue breastfeeding. Baby & I both enjoy it. I've recently had to supplement with formula which I am not happy about, and baby is fighting tooth and nail!
    Do you have any advise on how to bring my milk back 100% and get all of the milk by pumping during the day?
    My healthcare lactation consultant has been helpful but at this point says I have exhausted all my options and have done what I can do.
    Also my healthcare insurer (Kaiser Permanente) no longer rents pumps and I really believe I could get a lot more milk with a commercial grade pump.
    There is a local hospital that does rent them out for $75.00 per month plus cost of the personal equipment and a deposit.
    What can you recommend that I can do to increase my milk and continue to pump without losing my supply?

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    Hi there.

    So the Medela PIS is a brand new pump?

    I would try a larger size set of horns, change the valves and membranes, use compressions while you pump, hand express for a few minutes at the end of each pump. The hand expression will increase your milk overall over time.

    Do you have a hands free bra? I had the simple wishes one and it really helped me get better pumping in. Plus I could play on my phone and relax a little which I think also helped me. And I could pump in the car during commutes.

    Try to leave your pump set up if you can and I you can, put the horns and bottles in the fridge rather than washing them each time.

    Let's see how it goes for a few days.

    How much milk are you leaving for your lo over what amount of time?

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    Default Re: desperately seeking more supply

    Did you replace tubing, valves, and membranes when you got the new PIS? How often is your LO nursing and is that going well?

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    Are your horns the correct size? When a mom says she can't pump well, I think about that first. Then I want to know about pumping routine.
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