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    After a terrifying night where my daughter 4weeks coughed, choked and gagged all night long and days of screaming without obvious reasons, the doctor diagnosed silent reflux. She doesn't spit up in the sense that you think of with a reflux baby. Instead the fluid goes part of the way up and then she chokes on it and swallows it again. Anyway, I am looking for suggestion on upright nursing. We have trouble with latch and she is still using the shield, and I feel very uncoordinated in positions other than cross cradle using a boppy. I have tried some of the others with little success. Any suggestions for upright positions would be greatly appreciated.

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    have you tried any of the laid back positions?

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    Have you tried nursing in a sling or carrier? I don't know how difficult it would be with a shield, but it might be worth a try. My son nurses very well in the Ergo, which keeps him perfectly upright. He liked to be more upright when nursing in the sling too.
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    We've done laid-back with the shield, and also in a sling with it.
    Granted, our sling nursing was/is...untraditional. DS doesn't like being cradled in the sling so he's upright and faces me, so when he gets hungry I just scoot him over to the side a bit and he eats upright. We have nursed in the cradle hold in the Moby. Yes, all this with the shield.

    You can do eeeet Just try it before she's *really* hungry so she's not super-fussy while you're trying to position her and the shield and the sling/wrap.
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