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Thread: Help - new problem! DD has nursed me dry?? growth spurt?

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    Question Help - new problem! DD has nursed me dry?? growth spurt?

    Well a few days ago I was complaining about too much milk on one side, now today, my 2 month old DD wants to nurse constantly and I feel that I have no more milk to give right now. She is sort of fussy (and usually not a fussy baby at all) - but not sick- and is getting frustrated at the breast. Please don't cyber yell at me, but I even offered 2 oz of formula because she seemed so hungry (she did not take it from me). (she's had supplemental formula in a pinch before). When she's not nursing (or chewing on me), she is gnawing her hand...

    What can I do for her? Do I let her continually nurse? I have no problem with doing that other than it seems that it's frustrating for her and she's not getting anything. It seems like I'm all nursed out! Help!


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    Default Re: Help - new problem! DD has nursed me dry?? growth spurt?

    Sounds like a growth spurt to me. Mine did that a couple of times now but I remember the 6 week and 8 week ones very vividly. It was continuous eating for hours on end. I couldn't do anything but nurse, switch, nurse, switch, etc. At the time it was hard and I felt like I was stuck there. I missed out on going places because our little guy wouldn't stop eating. But, these times are important because they help increase your supply so it's important to go through them and do your best to not supplement. Your LO will not starve and there is milk there even if it doesn't feel like you have anymore.

    Now I've been at work for over 2 months and I wish I could be "stuck" at home re-living that growth spurt just to be close to our little cutie. So... good luck, drink lots of water, get a book or magazine to read and just cuddle and enjoy as these days will fly by.

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    Default Re: Help - new problem! DD has nursed me dry?? growth spurt?

    I believe it sounds like a growth spurt as well. My DD did the same thing, I remember feeling like ALL I did was nurse her....24/7! But it is very vital that you just keep nursing as she wants so that you can increase your milk supply to her needs.

    Trust me, it does get tons better....especially after 6 weeks, that is like the magic number...everything just seems to come together!! SO hang in there!! And don't beat yourself up if you've given your LO some formula....I did the same thing as I didn't think my LO was getting any..but come to find out she gained wonderfully! So keep up the good work!

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    Yep, sounds like a growth spurt to me too! Just go with it, nurse her as much as she wants. It's how your body keeps up with her changing needs. It'll pass in a few days

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    Default Re: Help - new problem! DD has nursed me dry?? growth spurt?

    I just went through this very same thing with my son. He is now 7 weeks (tomorrow), but a couple days ago spent 2 full days doing nothing but eating! I thought he would milk me dry!!! I thought maybe I wasn't producing enough, or if I was, I wasn't going to much longer with him never giving me a chance to "fill up" between feedings.

    We have made it through and he is back to his normal feedings. BFing this long is totally uncharted territory for me, so I'm learning as I go! (With the help of an EXCELLENT lactation consultant).

    Hang in there, it should get better.


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