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Thread: I Would Like One Glass of Wine :)

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    Default I Would Like One Glass of Wine :)

    I haven't had any wine since I found out I was pregnant. My daughter strongly prefers the breast to the bottle so I haven't even bothered to try to "pump & dump" (and I'm not sure how that works anyway. Is one glass okay?

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    yes one glass is ok. The rule I go by is if I can drive safely I can nurse safely.
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    I agree with Jenna. One glass is fine. Ideally, I would try to have the glass shortly after feeding her and putting her down for the night, when you probably have a couple of hours before you'll need to feed her again, but that's probably being overcautious. One glass should be fine even if you were to nurse immediately afterwards. If it's going to be more than 1-2 glasses, you either need to wait a couple of hours before feeding again, or give a bottle. I agree with the rule that if you're safe to drive, you're safe to nurse. FYI, it's not necessary to pump and dump to get the alcohol out of your milk--the alcohol leaves your milk at the same rate it leaves your bloodstream, so if you are feeling sober, there isn't any significant amount of alcohol in your milk and it's fine to nurse.

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    Default Re: I Would Like One Glass of Wine :)

    One glass of wine should be okay depending on the size of the glass . The general rule I've always followed with regards to alcohol and BF'ing is to avoid feeling tipsy. As long as you don't feel the effects of the alcohol, minimal amounts will be in your milk. Alcohol does not concentrate into your milk.

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    Default Re: I Would Like One Glass of Wine :)

    Here is what Infantrisk says on the matter.
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