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    Here we go! I'm due in 3.5 weeks with baby number two. I breast fed DS for 11 1/2 months (he wouldn't stop biting so I had to stop BF) but I pumped a few times a week during those 11 months so I had some flexibilty with leaving him with baby sitters, etc. I used a Playtex Embrace (I think that's what it is called) Pump and wasn't thrilled with it. It was noisy, the machine got hot quickly, and it didn't seem all that efficient to me. I also used a Linsinoh hand pump (we went on vacation without DS and I forgot the power chord for my pump so had to buy the hand pump last minute). I actually found myself using the hand pump more than the electric Playtext because it was more comfortable BUT it's also more time consuming and tiring for my hands. I'd like to try a different pump this time around but I hear so many mixed opionions! Some people love and swear by Medela while others would fight to the death for an Avent. I'm just wondering what your experiences are and if anyone is willing to share their opinion for the best pump. I don't work so I won't be using it multiple times a day every day. It's just so I can keep a small supply of milk in the freezer for when grandma and grandpa want to babysit or I need a girls' night out and Daddy stays home with the kiddos.
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    There is no best pump. It varies according to your needs. For a mom who might only need to pump once in a while, a hand pump does work well. Or you could look into a Medela Swing, a Lansinoh Affinity, or something like that. Or break out the wallet and buy a big gun pump, like a Hygeia, a PISA, or Purely Yours. If you were pumping and not nursing at all, you would need a hospital grade pump such as a Limerick, Lactina or Symphony.
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