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Thread: blocked duct and teething strike

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    Default blocked duct and teething strike

    my 10 month old DD is trying to cut her top 2 teeth. She hasn't been nursing well the last few days (she won't take a bottle or cup, so it makes me more nervous then usual) and for the last 8 hours, not at all. She latches on and pulls off and cries or bites down. Anyway, with the poor positioning and poor nursing, I developed a blocked duct on our non-dominant side. I think I have worked it out with the pump, but now I notice the supply on that side is way down and I can only see 1-2 streams of milk from my nipple when I pump (like one whole side of my nipple has no milk coming from it. Is this normal after a blocked duct? Also, we've tried tylenol/motrin/popsicles/cold washcloths/dark rooms/dream feeds...you name it to help through this strike. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: blocked duct and teething strike

    I realize some people frown on it, but I've found a little bit of whiskey on the gums to be extremely helpful when my son is teething badly and not wanting to nurse. The combination of baby Advil plus a little whiskey on his gums is the only thing that got us through the last week or so of teething. The Advil alone was not doing the trick and the whiskey really seems to help numb his gums so he will nurse. That's the only thing I can think of to suggest that you haven't already tried.

    As far as the diminished supply on the side with the blocked duct, I have noticed that when I had a blocked duct but it usually meant I hadn't worked the plug out completely. It's hard to really fix a plug with just a pump and no nursing. Are you sure it's gone? My best luck with treating a stubborn plugged duct, other than nursing a lot, has always been with hand expression in the shower. The warmth and the water seems to help me get much more out than hand expression alone. I'd maybe give that a try if your baby still won't nurse.

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