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Thread: Teething already?!?

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    Question Teething already?!?

    I'll try to make this quick....has anyone else had their LO start teething at 9-10 weeks?!? My DD has been fussy lately, which in another post I thought may have been caused by me going back to work some, etc, but she's been drooling, bubbling and loves for me to rub her bottom gum in front...where I can see two little teeth under the surface!
    This also freaks me out a little, since she might not understand yet not to try them out on Mommy's nipples if they actually come in soon!

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    DS's two bottom teeth came in right as he turned 5 months, which means he started all the teething stuff at 4 months. Your DD is a little younger than that, but it's not unheard of!
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    Its not a very common age to get first teeth, my son got his around 5 months. But kids teethe at different ages and some take longer to cut through. But its definitely not something to fear as far as nursing. A proper latch, with the tongue over the bottom gums/teeth, will protect your nipple. I was only bit a few times and it was never enough to draw blood and it was always at the end of a nursing session. If you find that he is chewing your nipple, unlatch and relatch to refocus him. Or it may be teething pain so a cold wash cloth to chew on before nursing might help.
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    My best friends son had 2 bottom teeth by the time he was 2 and half months hes all most 7 months now with 4 teeth. My son whos all most 6 month on the other hand has no teeth coming in yet he dont seem to be teething really either but than again sissy was teething about 8 to 9 months so I figure he will be like her. Like most things babys will do things on there own time some fast some slower. I was told once that her teeth were stronger because she teethed later than when I took her to the dentist in first grade for a check up and asked about her still not losing any baby teeth she said that the longer the adult teeth took to come in meant the enamel would be stronger.

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    DD was 4.5 months when she got her teeth. She's never tried to bite me every kid is different.
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