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Thread: ParaGuard, BF & Period?

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    Question ParaGuard, BF & Period?

    My care provider, when she put in my IUD at 6 weeks told me that if I ever missed a period to come in ASAP for a pregnancy test, and she did know that I was BF (but from the comments made in our CenteringPregnancy they didn't put much credence in BF as BC).

    Now, I know that pumping and going once 4+ hrs w/o BF can decrease the effects of BF on (in?)fertility...so my question is, how do you know when to be concerned? Do I need to be taking a PT every month? I'm not even sure if I had a period yet.

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    Default Re: ParaGuard, BF & Period?

    That's really weird info from your care provider! I didn't get my period back with Lilah until she was about 14 months old and it returned sporadically when Trixie was 11 months old. I have the Paraguard too and since it doesn't have any hormones, it doesn't impact your fertility. If you are feeling paranoid - take a test. Otherwise, don't worry about it. Enjoy this time while you're not getting your period.

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    Default Re: ParaGuard, BF & Period?

    Your provider may be unaware that breastfeeding moms may not get their periods for months and months. If most of the women she sees are supplementing with formula, or exclusively formula feeding, or weaning well before a year... She just may not have much experience with fertility in women who have a more "natural" approach to breastfeeding.

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    Default Re: ParaGuard, BF & Period?

    Gee, I hope not to be concerned about MY Paraguard! What's the point of having an IUD if you are worried about being pregnant all the time! I dont plan on taking a PT anytime soon...I'm 11 months postpartum and still no signs of AF yet. Did you have a follow up appt to check the placement of the device and make sure everything is a-OK?

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