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Thread: 17 months and not eating much

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    thanks for all the great tips! my fifteen month daughter is starting to eat a little better, but i still worry sometimes. she bfs all the time, thank goodness, and i know at least three molars are working their way through her gums, so i am sure she'll ramp up her eating soon enough. anyhow, great ideas about the hummus, and i'm going to make a romesco sauce too.. she just loooves to dip food into sauces. also the sticky rice ball is a great idea.
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    My 18 mo old son isn't really into solids either, but he seems more interested when we eat with other kids & he sees what they're eating.

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    My 13 month old just stopped solids entirely (is refusing everything/spitting it out) except for greek yogurt.

    Tonight he had a few bites of zucchini and DH & I quietly celebrated after he left the kitchen. It seems like one minute he loves solids and cannot get enough and then the next he hates them. Thank goodness he is nursing still!
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    we have been doing better lately but i too am grateful he is nursing, it eases my mind a lot

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