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Thread: Unsupportive doc ugh!

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    Ped said, you are still breastfeeding at 1! And of course I had to school her. I informed her that I was concerned with stinky pee and she said it was probably due to her not drinking enough water which can be true. She doesn't drink from a sippy so I offer water in a cup with meals. But I nurse her on demand. Granted she nurses less than before month 6 but still enough to keep hydrated.

    How much water should I be giving her, considering BM has plenty of it.

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    Ick, so sorry you had that experience with her dr (maybe switching to another care provider would send her the message that she needs to update her information!).

    Offering water with meals is usually enough, maybe offer a bit more on hotter days (or offer the breast more). I fill a sippy cup and encourage sips throughout the day (DS nurses 8x a day minimum and doesn't drink much other fluids).
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    I don't think you necessarily need to offer more water. You could just have it generally available for her. I don't know how much water my 19 month old drinks and have never tracked it, but she has had access to a cup of water any time she wanted since she was about 10 months old.

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    I had heard once that BF babies like sippy's with a straw better. So that's what I've always used and my girls have taken to them easily. At least then you can always have water out and available without worrying that they'll get tipped.
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    My 17 month old didn't learn how to sip out of a straw until he was about 14 months old. I had been trying to work with him since about 12 months. Now, he ONLY wants to nurse and/or sip through a "big boy cup" with a straw.

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