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Thread: Strike, teething, stress or what?

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    Question Strike, teething, stress or what?


    I nursed DD1 and DD2 for over 2 and a half years each, even tandem but they were so much different compared to DD3 (8.5 mo). They were both comfort nursers and DD3 is not. I had a rough week last week, DH was away and I was alone with the 3 of them so I'm exhausted.
    The past couple of days my breasts seem smaller and less full and may be I'm paranoid but I don't feel as much let down as before. She also has been a bit fussier lately but when I offer to nurse she usually refuses she nurses better at nap-time and during the night but during the day she seems to be too busy. I offer her often in case she changes her mind. She is into solids now, we do BLS but I only feed her solids 3 times a day. She has plenty of dirty and wet diapers but her BM are not as those of a newborn anymore, you can see she is eating solids by checking her diaper.

    1) If it was teething, wouldn't she be wanting to nurse more, not less?
    2) If it was stress or me being too tired, wouldn't she be asking to nurse more often?
    3) Is she going to start a strike? I'm crossing my fingers this is not the case

    What do you think?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Default Re: Strike, teething, stress or what?

    I think I'd chalk this behavior up to the notorious distractability of a close-to-a-year-old baby. Older babies are often too busy to stop and nurse. Try taking her to a calm, low-distraction environment like a darkened bedroom when it's time to nurse. She may give you more undivided attention.

    Teething could also explain what's going on. While many babies ramp up their nursing frequency during teething, other babies refuse to nurse when their gums are sore.

    An ear infection would be another possibility: sore ears can feel worse when baby nurses. So if this continues for a long time or worsens, or baby seems to have a snotty cold that won't go away, see the doc.

    So, is your baby going to go on strike? I don't think there's any way to predict that. But I think you're right to be alert to the possibility.

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    Default Re: Strike, teething, stress or what?

    Thanks for your reply!!

    Any advice in how to prevent a nursing strike? For some reason I've been scared of this since very early on, she was never a comfort nurser :'(

    About nursing her in a darkened room, I do this as much as I can but I have 2 other little girls and I'm out and about a lot! We co-sleep so I nurse whenever she wakes me up at night but she sucks her thumb so sometimes she might comfort herself with the thumb without me noticing. Last night I know I nursed at least three times. I try to nurse her as soon as we wake up but she usually refuses, then I nurse her at her first nap at around 10am but I feel she doesn't nurse much at this time, may be a couple of sips and then she goes without nursing until her 1pm nap, she nurses well here. Then she might nurse once more before dinner and then at night time. But I feel the sucking is weaker. Again, I might be paranoid but she is my last baby and selfishly, I want to nurse her as long as possible :P And why are my breasts softer? ARGH! I'm SO NOT ready to end the nursing relationship!

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