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Thread: Time to wean my 2 year old?

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    Default Time to wean my 2 year old?

    Hi mommies,
    My daughter is 25 months old and still loves to nurse. She hasn't nursed during the day since she was one and definitely drinks milk from her sippy cup (but sometimes still asks). NAPS: She will nap for the nanny during the week (I work from home) but I usually nurse her for a few minutes laying in her bed for the nap on the weekend. Sometimes when she wakes up from naps and begs to nurse but I'm really trying to avoid that. NIGHTIME: At night I nurse her before bed (but she puts herself to sleep) and am currently sleeping with her in her room. We upgraded to a full size bed b/c around 15/16 months she just screamed in her crib and we never really got back to normal. She still wakes up 2-3 times per night and wants to nurse. I am feeling like I have done a terrible job at "sleep training" and that I'm taking the easy way out nursing her so she'll go back to sleep plus sleeping w/ her in her room. I am torn on what to do....I don't want to traumatize her but also want to wean and improve her sleeping habits. My husband and I have a queen bed but definitely need a king as other readers have also suggested as I don't mind her sleeping w/ us until she is more comfortable to sleep on her own. WHAT TO DO?: I never thought I would be nursing this long and to be honest, it's getting hard on me and my husband....should I try and wean her and go through a VERY difficult period or just stick with it until she shows signs of wanting to wean??? And if I do stick with it longer, at some point within 6 months or so I really do want to wean her so how can I help her get through it emotionally. I appreciate any support you have-!

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    We had the same bed set up as you with Lilah. I don't have any opinions on your weaning questions, other than that you're well on your way there. My husband basically night-weaned Lilah for me when she was a little bit younger than your daughter - he took over bedtime and then I would go in there and co-sleep with her after her first night-waking. Then about three months after that he took over the whole night and she didn't put up a fuss about that at all. She did put up a huge fuss for the first week or so about not nursing to sleep anymore, but I was pregnant and it had to be done. I am not much for sleep training.

    I did wean Lilah at 25 months and I thought it would be much more traumatic than it was. She is a happy, well adjusted almost 4 year old.

    ETA: I wanted to add that my husband would go sleep in Lilah's room with her in her full size bed if she needed someone. He still does, or brings her back to our bed, which is fine since I'm only in our room for the beginning of the night anyway. We have an 18 month old that I cosleep with after her first night-waking.

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    Thank you for the response. I guess I need to just go with where we are in our situation and when it's time, it won't be as bad as I think it will (at least after the first week).

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    Default Re: Time to wean my 2 year old?

    Take a look at Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers". It has lots of tips for getting an older kid to sleep more independently.

    I just want to say that you haven't done a "terrible job at sleep training"- rather, you have done an amazing job of being responsive and giving to your child. Not everyone is willing to be so generous at night, and you should feel proud of yourself for making it this far!

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