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Thread: Qs about extended breastfeeding for milk allergic baby...

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    Default Qs about extended breastfeeding for milk allergic baby...

    My LO is 9 months old and I am trying to figure out logistics if I end up going back to work after he is 1 year. I am considering extended breastfeeding (which I will admit, was not initially my plain) because he has a rather severe dairy allergy. It is my understanding that they either need BM, whole milk or formula til 2 years of age and I know he won't take formula.

    I have read that typically, 3-4 sessions a day is sufficient in a toddler. Does that sound about right? If I am working FT or PT, would morning, dinnertime and night be enough or would I also need to pump? Keeping in mind that he will not be drinking any cow milk or dairy products.

    I plan to see a dietician for him soon as well, but I am not sure how supportive of EBF or how helpful in that regard they will be. Any thoughts would be appreciated, this is all pretty new to me as most people I know wean before a year!

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    Default Re: Qs about extended breastfeeding for milk allergic baby..

    I've always heard 3-5 sessions, but I must admit that I don't have a reference for that assertion. Anyway, based on the fact that you cannot supplement your child's "dairy" needs with cow's milk, I'd probably want to nurse a little more frequently than 3 times a day, if possible. Maybe aim for 4, at least until he's a little older, and eating a really good, balanced diet of solids? FTR, eating a lot of solids may not happen by a year- a lot of babies don't transition to a majority-solids diet until closer to 18 months. I don't know what that would do to your going back to work plans, if your baby was 12 months and still not eating much solid food. I guess you'd want to pump, in that situation.

    ETA: it's wonderful that you're considering toddler nursing! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have. All the benefits of Nursinv a baby, with very few of the drawbacks.

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    Default Re: Qs about extended breastfeeding for milk allergic baby..

    with everything mommal said. I would aim a little higher than 3x a day too. This might come naturally though, so I wouldn't worry too much just yet. My son has iron deficiency anemia, which is obviously allows much more dietary flexibility, but I still am in no hurry to introduce cow's milk. I pumped for 18 months when I gradually eased off the pumping. Right now I'm off for the summer and only go in to the office occasionally, but when I do my son gets water while I'm gone and he asks to nurse very frequently when I get home (he did that even when I was pumping - milk on tap is clearly best ). I'm still easily nursing at least 6x a day, even on days I go into the office.

    It's a good idea to talk to a nutritionist. There are lots of foods that can give you most, if not all, of the nutrients available in dairy and a nutritionist can help you figure out a good balance of different types of foods. However, be aware, as mommal stated, that many babies aren't reliably eating solids until well after a year (mine didn't start really eating full meals until about 15 months). It's still good to know what kinds of foods to offer, but I wouldn't panic if your baby isn't all that interested in them.
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    Default Re: Qs about extended breastfeeding for milk allergic baby..

    My daughter had a dairy sensitivity and was off of dairy until 18-19 months. Our naturopathic doctor who was also a lactation consultant said that as long as she was nursing 4 times a day she didn't need any additional supplementation. Seems like that's in-line with what others are saying.

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