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Thread: Do I HAVE to throw out my milk??!???

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    Default Do I HAVE to throw out my milk??!???

    We are on vacation. I needed a few bottles for when I was going to b gone one night. We traveled here with frozen Bm on dry ice. It dethawed early but I still used it for the night in need. However I now have 16 OUNCES of Bm that was frozen and dethawed on Friday. It smells fine, looks fine- do I HAVE to throw it out? Has anyone ever not followed the 24 hr rule? What is the reason behind the 24 hr frozen to unfrozen Bm rule?? I can't bring myself to do it;(

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    Default Re: Do I HAVE to throw out my milk??!???

    I hate to throw out milk and will go a bit beyond the 24 hr recommendation of it seems fine. Or mix it with fresh. But if it's been since Friday I'd toss it myself.

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