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    Well on Aug 6 my DS will be 6 months I am so excited to have made it this far with breastfeeding since with my DD I gave up at about 4 months due to a lot of stress with things in life and being so miss informed about BF the fist time around. I am also so excited to over come my fears of NIP (everyone on the forum has been such a huge help in that) I think if I didnt find you all I would still be tied to my house scared as heck to go out due to my dumb fears about NIP. I am oddly a little excited to conquer BF as he teeths since his first tooth is coming in. I know when he goes in to be seen I once again will hear how hes under weight but that doesn't bother me one bit since he is so active so happy eats any time he wants hes trying to do things my friends son is just learning whos a month older so hes well on track with all that. I do how ever feel a little bad about this past week since I had my tonsils removed and have been sleeping on the couch not to keep him up at night with me having issues trying to sleep sitting up hes been getting more sleep but I so miss getting up every 2 hours to feed him. I miss hearing his little whimpers at night as he fought waking up but looking to nurse I feel like a bad mom for sleeping on the couch but after that first night waking him up every 30 min i thought it would be better for him. Anyways I cant wait to see how things go since I plan on doing BLW and breastfeeding i hope until 12 months its really up to him and if we make it 12 well I guess we need a new goal Thank you everyone for being so supportive and wonderful

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    About the teeth, don't worry, first of all, the first couple of teeth are the ones at the bottom and he would bite his own tongue if he wanted to bite, he needs to unlatch to bite. There are techniques to avoid biting so ask away

    I'm sorry you are not feeling very well, but rest assured that if he needed you more often, he will let you know. So take advantage of those extra hours of sleep and if he calls you, go to him and nurse.

    Get well soon!

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