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Thread: Maximizing Milk Supply? Help!

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    My baby will be 14 weeks on Sunday August 5th 2012. I have been breastfeeding this whole time. But I also supplement with formula and pump sometimes. I would like to really get back into mostly breastfeeding and only using formula very minimal. Right now, the only time she really likes to nurse is at night before bed and during the night. I would like to nurse and be able to pump to get a little bit of a stock saved up. I know there are some herbal teas or prescription medicines, but I would like to naturally get my supply back up! Please help!

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    You say she only "likes" to nurse at night - what does she do during the day?

    I think the key is to nurse as frequently as possible, so maybe it's a matter of finding a way to increase her nursing during daytime. Is she distracted or fussy when you try? Is she sleepy or just not hungry? I know the ladies here are pretty knowledgable so if they know what she's doing, they can probably suggest a ton of stuff.

    As far as stuff you can take, I like earth mama angel baby's Milkmaid tea, but that has only been good for a little bump, enough to put me over the edge for pumping the next day's milk while I'm at work.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    The best way to get more milk is not with teas, herbs, or medications. It's to increase the frequency and intensity of milk removal from the breast. That means nursing the baby more often, and if that is not enough, pumping in addition to nursing. If you are going to be combining pumping and nursing, use a high-quality double electric pump with correctly sized shields. A cheap single electric pump or manual pump probably won't get you the results you want, and that is very frustrating.

    This link lays out how to wean from formula supplements: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/basi...rease-formula/

    I strongly suggest starting out aiming simply to wean from formula. Once your baby is exclusively breastfed, then you can pursue your goal of stocking up some milk.

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