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Thread: Can diflucan lower milk supply?

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    Default Can diflucan lower milk supply?

    I am being treated for thrush in my milk ducts with diflucan, and I have noticed that since I've started the treatment, my milk supply has slowly decreased. I EP, so I can see the change in the output. I used to get 4 oz total every three hours, and now I'm down to 3 oz total every three hours. Could this be a side effect of the medication? Has anyone else been through this? Will my supply come back? I really don't want to feed my baby formula, and at this rate, he would need a few ounces every day.

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    Default Re: Can diflucan lower milk supply?

    I have never heard of diflucan reducing milk supply, but of course, everyone is different, so it's not impossible. My other thought is that maybe the thrush actually reduced your milk supply - by making pumping more painful, you may have unconsciously reduced your pumping times? Just an idea. Either way, I am pretty sure that your supply will return - you may want to increase your pumping frequency and times until you're back where you want to be.

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