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Thread: BFing at the pool

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    Today at a pool on the USMC base I was BFing my 5 month old boy when a life guard came upto me and told me i need to cover up. I informed the LG that i was in ever right of the law to not cover up and she tells me that she knows nothing about my right to BF but she knows the rules of the pool and i need to cover up.. Im wont be letting this just go... where do i start? i called her manager and it was like running my head into the wall.. She also didnt respect my rights to BF where i see fit.. b/c its a "family place" i was told that i should cover up out of respect for others..

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    I'm almost positive someone posted a very similar scenario in the breastfeeding activism section...I'll try to find it for you.


    see if that helps....
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    I suggest you write a letter and send it certified, cc ing copies (site that you are sending these in the letter) to anyone involved with this pool (managers, base command or whatever rules the roost there, Marine headquarters, heck, this one can go to the White House.) and anyone else who may be interested (local bfding coalition, LLL international and/or USA or local, local and national child health organizations, (AAP, CDC, etc.) local media (IF you want to go down that route, if they hit a slow news cycle they may want to interview you or put you on camera. so, think about that. You may well be able to get what you want without involving the media if that is your preference, remember you will have no control over how your story is reported.)

    In the letter be calm and polite and be clear about what happened and where and when-dates, times, names etc.

    Include a copy of the law(s), whatever state or local laws may be involved as well as the FEDERAL law, I assume this was Federal property?
    I think this is the Fed. law? I am having a hard time finding the actual text.
    Library of Congress H.R.2490
    Treasury and General Government Appropriations Act, 2000
    Public Law No: 106-58 (Sec. 647):

    Authorizes a woman to breastfeed her child on Federal property if the woman and child are otherwise authorized to be present at the location.

    Ask specifially for what you want: (an official, written apology, assurance staff will be trained appropriately, (with details) etc. and when you want it by.)

    Basically, light a (polite) fire under their derrières.
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    thank you very much.. this upset me so bad.. and 90% of the people that even go to the pool are moms with babys or small kids.. i feel like it was the lifegaurd that felt she needed to say something and that noone had said anything to her.. bc/ she was very rude.. i have her name and the managers name.. we have base legel where i can get all kinds of info on the laws ect/ so i will be going on monday..
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    Well I do not blame you for being upset. It makes me sick you were treated this way for nursing your baby. So many moms fear NIP just for this very reason, and fear of reprisal for nursing in public changes behavior and actually leads to moms weaning early-a true disgrace from a public health standpoint, which is why so many public health orgs and the US govt are on record defending a mothers right to NIP.

    I am curious what the Legal folks will say. One issue with many breastfeeding in public laws is that few have what is called an "enforcement provision." Basically (as I understand it and I am NOT a lawyer) this means that while no one has the right to stop you from nursing in public or to insist you “cover up” or arrest a nursing mother for “indecent exposure,” It also provides no penalty for those who harass nursing moms. But, this may well depend on the level of the harassment.

    However, when it is the employee of a business or facility harassing the mom, moms certainly do have the recourse to basically make a stink about it and get an apology, because the law (as well as common sense and common decency, imo) is entirely on YOUR side-and your baby’s!

    This is a pretty nice overview article about this I just found: http://www.babyzone.com/baby/breastf...ing-laws_65512

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    Agreed to the above!!!

    I would also fill out an ICE complaint. That makes sure it goes immediately to who needs to see it!
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