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Thread: Frustrated & Confused..teething, formula, pumping etc...

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    Default Re: Frustrated & Confused..teething, formula, pumping etc...

    1) "sleeping through the night" for an infant under a year is defined as 5 hours at a time. And many babies do not even do that until they are a year old-or more! Newborn sleep normally happens during the day as well. Just because a baby is not sleeping some huge amount at night does not mean baby is not sleeping enough.

    And what a baby gets to eat often has nothing whatever to do with how long the baby sleeps. it is a myth that formula or bottles or baby cerial make babies sleep longer. Seriously it has been studied and there is no truth to this idea. Plus, even if it did make a baby sleep longer, it is so unheathy compared to breastmilk the trade of would not be worth it.

    No matter how young you are or how planned or not the pregnancy was, you are your baby's mom, and you know your baby better than anyone else. All new moms & even experienced moms get a ton of unwanted advice, trust me.

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    Default Re: Frustrated & Confused..teething, formula, pumping etc...

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*hanks.momma View Post
    He also is still not sleeping through that night which i know is normal but my ped thinks its because hes not getting enough. He goes 3 hours between feedings at night except for the last one before he wakes up he will go 2 hours.
    This made me laugh (sorry). Really? Because my daughter at 4 months was HUGE (98th percentile) and now at 5 months she doesn't sleep through the night (up 2 - 3 times to feed). So if your baby isn't sleeping through because he isn't getting enough, what's my baby's excuse? What a silly comment from your ped.

    How is he developing otherwise? Making different sounds? Tracking things with his eyes? Smiling / giggling? Trying to grasp things? How's his diaper output? Only judging weight and using that as the single indicator to suggest formula is wrong.

    Are you and your SO smaller people? How about family wise? Are there other smaller babies?
    ETA: Sorry, I missed that your DH is very tall. Your baby is very tall and is putting his energy into growing in length. Makes total sense.

    Try offering the breast more often. You can also 'dream nurse'. While he's asleep, lay down beside him and put him on the breast. Many babies get solid feedings this way.

    For the solids / cereal discussion, read this: http://www.drjen4kids.com/myths/mythrice.htm I like it because it explains that sleep is DEVELOPMENTAL, not due to food. The two simply are NOT related. Also, read this from the AAP: http://pediatrics.aappublications.or...29/3/e827.full
    "The American Academy of Pediatrics reaffirms its recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for about 6 months, followed by continued breastfeeding as complementary foods are introduced, with continuation of breastfeeding for 1 year or longer as mutually desired by mother and infant."
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    Default Re: Frustrated & Confused..teething, formula, pumping etc...

    with these smart mamas and wanted to show you support. Just because the pg was unplanned doesn't mean you are an uninformed mother. As we parent we all face people against whom we have to stand our ground and defend our parenting choices, so it's best you set a strong precedent right now and close the door on discussions.

    I switched pedi because of the same thing. My DS2 was 5th percentile weight and 95th height but he is happy and healthy. Trust you gut.
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    Default Re: Frustrated & Confused..teething, formula, pumping etc...

    Ignoring your mother/MIL and changing the topic is a great suggestion. Keep in mind most people don't give you advice maliciously, they just want to "help." Not sure what kind of relationship you have with either of them, but I'll suggest if it'll help to have the conversation that I did with my mother:
    She kept suggesting cereal and (upon my telling her the doc recommended formula for our DS's skinniness) formula supplements, too. I finally said, "Mom, I know you're just trying to offer suggestions based on what you know, and you're great with kids and you know a lot! But, as much as it hurts me to point this out, you didn't BF us and so this particualr situation is completely different than anything you ever experienced. I love hearing your ideas on things, but when you suggest formula/cereal it makes me question myself and doubt what I'm doing. I'm committed to BF for at least the first year, and I'd like your support in that. And if you can't support me directly, we'll talk about other things."
    It worked for me! But again, it depends on your relationship. I just ignore my MIL cuz we don't really talk anyway

    I totally second the reading suggestions the other ladies offered, too!

    The realization that sleep maturity can take a full 40 weeks to develop...yes, just like gestation!...and that it's a milestone not to be forced (just like you can't force walking or talking) was a huge one. Yes, you're tired. You're a mother! Learn to live in the "mommy haze" (I think I read this in one of Dr Sears' books); you won't be getting the sleep you did before, especially if you are truly parenting 24/7, not just during daylight hours. But it's okay. It comes with the job
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    Default Re: Frustrated & Confused..teething, formula, pumping etc...

    wanted to add that our friend's BFed baby took about 15 months to STTN.
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    Default Re: Frustrated & Confused..teething, formula, pumping etc...

    Just wanted to agree with the others - everything you describe sounds completely and perfectly normal to me.

    If you can, see if you can find a more breastfeeding aware/friendly pediatrician. If you can't, next time you have an appt if your mother or anyone asks about it, just say your baby is doing fine according to the doctors. Don't go into any more detail than that.

    FWIW my guy sounds similar to yours - 7 lbs 4 oz at birth and 14.4 at 4 months. At six months he hadn't hit 15 lbs yet. Doctor is perfectly happy with his development and says he's just a naturally skinny, tall dude. I will say our doctor is pushing sleep training and trying to get kiddo sttn - I basically told him I NEED baby to wake up to keep my supply up, and that while I appreciate his advice I'm disregarding it for the time being He then let the subject drop. You may find you just need to set a firm line as to what kind of advice you want from your doctor if you can't switch.

    Anyhoo, I am taking a sort of middle - ground approach on sleep (LO is 7 months now) - if LO wakes up within a very short time of nursing, I will go soothe him, pat his back, and see if he will go back to sleep without nursing. If he is not frantic I will even let him fuss for 5 or so minutes to give him a chance to fall back asleep. We went from 3 wakeups to 2 doing that (though if he's REALLY crying or upset I pick him up or nurse as needed), now he generally makes some whiffling noises and goes back to sleep on his own unless he's hungry (and he does let me know!). You may find at his age that he may not need to nurse every time and he might be in a place to learn he can go back to sleep on his own if he wakes up and isn't hungry. Of course how you approach that is totally up to you, and you don't need everybody telling you what to do. Just breathe easy, relax, you're doing fine. Your baby sounds like he's at a good weight and very healthy, you're having no trouble providing for his needs, so life is good

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