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Thread: I thought my baby was ready... Am I wrong?

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    Default I thought my baby was ready... Am I wrong?

    My baby is 6.5 mo and I thought he was ready for solids, I wanted to do BLS so I started offering him some food this week. I started with carrots but he would not even pick them, he was more interested in biting the table and everything else BUT the carrots.
    I thought he had lost the tongue reflex but apparently not since I couldn't resist myself and put a little bit of carrot in his mouth and he made funny faces and moved the carrot in his tongue a lot, I'm not sure if he swallowed it or put it out then I put a little bit more in my finger and offered him but he would not be interested.
    or is it normal that baby makes faces the first time? I thought with BLS babies will love food from the beginning....
    thanks for the comments!

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    Default Re: I thought my baby was ready... Am I wrong?

    Nope. IF a baby isn't ready for solids they won't pick the up and put them in their own mouth. Put it away and try again in a week. If he doesn't pick food up and put it in his own mouth try again in a week.

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    Default Re: I thought my baby was ready... Am I wrong?

    before I came to La Leche League I thought I was the odd one out b/c i too waited until DD1 was about 6 months old before feeding her food.
    that's where I was mistaken. I was spoon feeding her and propping her up with towels in her high chair.
    although she was no worse for the wear, I later came to the understanding that there is another way, a baby led solids way.
    Consequently, for the next 4 children I did not spoon feed or prop up anybody.
    I actually waited until my LO's could self feed w/out my participation or prompting. They were closer to a year old and older but that worked well for me.
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    Default Re: I thought my baby was ready... Am I wrong?

    i agree with PPs, but wanted to add that my DS (who LOVES food) does make a face every time he gets a new food or something he wasn't expecting. it's like he has to process what's in his mouth - temperature, flavor - and gets a sour look, even if the next thing he does is demand more! but that's a slightly more advanced stage than what you're describing.
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    Default Re: I thought my baby was ready... Am I wrong?

    Doing BLS is not a guarantee that baby will love solids right from the beginning. Spoon-feeding isn't, either. I think it's important to remember that at this age you are not trying to get baby to eat anything- breastmilk alone meets all his needs. You're just giving him the opportunity to try new things- and if that means he eats some solids, great. If he tastes some and then spits them out, great. And if he doesn't even taste them and prefers to explore them with his hands, that's fine, too. Your goal is to provide an educational experience, not an eating experience.

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    Default Re: I thought my baby was ready... Am I wrong?

    That's exactly what my baby does! He's also 6.5 months. I started by offering him steamed carrots and apples. He eyed them suspiciously and did not want to put in his mouth, though at this point, he has been putting everything in his mouth that his hands could grab, instantly! So I pushed the plate nearer to him, and he grabbed the plate and chewed at it immediately!

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