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Thread: My 8mo. old can't tolerate any solids

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    Default My 8mo. old can't tolerate any solids

    I have an 8mo. EBF son who is interested in eating. We have tried squash, carrots, rice & barley cereal, bananas, apple sauce, watermelon (this he tolerates), and green beans. All on separate occasions and one at a time of course. He is starting to grab food off our plates and he loves it. The problem is every single time he has a solid food he is up all night in pain waking every hour crying (seems to by gas pain) it usually takes a full 48 hours after he eats for him to get back to normal. I experience this when he was younger and finally found dairy to be the culprit once I eliminated dairy from my diet he was a happy baby who slept 6-8hrs straight a night. I know that breast milk should be the primary source of nutrition for the first year so he's OK now but his reaction to even the tiniest about of food is not normal and he wants to eat :-(. Our Ped has referred us to a GI so we will see. Does anyone else have any experience/suggestions with this? Any help would be appreciated!

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    I noticed something similar with certain foods when my DS started solids. He only seemed to have that reaction to specific things though--mostly beef and sometimes (cow's milk) yogurt. He did fine with fruits and veggies. For my son, it's gotten better as he's gotten older (now 10 months). I think it was just an issue of GI maturity and not being quite ready for all solids at 6-9 months. If your son is having this issue with every kind of food, I'm not sure about that. Does he eat A LOT of solids when he eats? Maybe you should just try giving him smaller quantities? For my son, large amounts of cereal seemed to make him constipated. If that's an issue for your LO maybe that's contributing to his discomfort? Hope you figure something out, or that he grows out of it. Maybe the peds GI will have something useful to say. Good luck!
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