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Thread: Dr. Told Me To Switch to Formula?!

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    I am having similar issues. I have a 3 month old who weighs 11lbs 10oz and the lactation consultant told me to supplement with formula along with breast feeding. So feed as you normally would, then give her formula in a bottle after every feed. It sounds okay, but after reading a bit online I found that supplementing with formula can also decrease milk supply. The best thing you can do is to feed on demand and let your LO comfort suck even if they are done feeding. Also pump in between feeding sessions even if no milk comes out you are still stimulating your breasts and your body will get the cue to produce more milk. I also stopped taking oral contraceptives because I wasn't aware that progestin only pills can have the same affect as estrogen pills. I also started taking Fenugreek herbal supplements 2x a day. It seems to be helping with my milk supply. I think the fact that my LO sleeps through most of the night now she is not getting those extra 1-2 feedings at night so obviously her weight is slowing down. I go back on August 30th. I have not followed the LC advice about suppplementing with formula. My LO hates the taste of it..have you introduced formula to your EBF baby? She may not even accept the formula..you'd be surprised! Hang in there. you are not alone.

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    One of mine dropped totally off the charts around 6 months. It was because he was crawling and pulling up and very busy. He only gained a few ounces by his 9 month appointment, and he was walking by then

    To this day, he is tall and lean. But totally healthy.

    Treat the kid. NOT the numbers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*amysmom View Post
    Have you tried dream nursing at night? Baby is asleep, but they will often latch on without waking and get in a solid feeding (helps with those distracted babies). If you try to get in a couple of extra nursings at night (do you cosleep? that will make it easier) it could help.

    If introducing solids is something you want to continue with, back off of the rice cereal and try higher fat items like avocado. Mix in some breast milk if they don't like the taste.
    This is exactly what I would suggest! I didn't see if you mentioned whether or not she nurses during the night but if you want her to gain weight that is definitely something to try. Also it will help your supply...I found my supply dropped if I regularly went more than 8hrs w/o nursing. My DD is 13mos and I still dream feed her before I go to bed Also do your best to make sure she empties you when she nurses...the milk at the end of a feeding is more fatty than the milk at the beginning. Also the avocado...excellent first food! And full of healthy fats! My DD LOVES it! She had a lull in weight gain around 8-9mos and we fed her lots of avocado, lol. It's still one of her favorite things

    Good luck! Sounds to me like your baby is beautiful and healthy!
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    Everyone else is giving good advice, I just wanted to say to hang in there. This must be so frustrating.

    I didn't have issues with my children gaining at first, but later I did, past 6 months. 6 months they were both 16 lbs, but then, they started being more active and hardly gained anything for the next 6 months and even a year later. 1 year 18 lbs and 1.5 years 20 lbs. Then, starting at 2, both my two older children gained very very rapidly and ate more than my DH. Especially my oldest. She is now 6, and very tall and lean. When DD2 followed her pattern almost exactly, we didn't worry about it, but I know the doctor was concerned with my first. For sure there can be reasons to be concerned and its important to look into them, but I think that for us also my children were active so early that it made their weight gain slow for a while. DD1 was cruising at 7 months walking at 9 running at 10 and DD2 was crawling tons and crawling up stairs at 8 months and walking at 11.

    I hope you can figure all this out.
    Mommy to 3 beautiful girls!

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