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Thread: Achieving a deeper latch?

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    Exclamation Achieving a deeper latch?

    My baby is one month old and we've been having some bf problems from the beginning. I finally realized that his latch isn't deep enough. I've tried so many things to fix that and I can't get any deeper. I tickle his upper lip to get him to open wide, but he never keeps his mouth open wide for very long so I can barely get much breast in.

    I visited a lactation consultant yesterday and she was helpful. She said that he had a receded chin and that was one of the problems. However, to get him to open up wider she pulled down on his jaw. I would need a third hand to do this on my own, so basically I'm still in the same spot I was before. I'm getting so frustrated. Help!

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    Have you tried making a "nipple sandwich" by sorta flattening breast tissue in the same orientation as his mouth to allow him to take a deeper latch? That really helped us, as did laid-back positioning/biological nurturing. For that it may take some playing around with what ways you can put you and your baby together to get a good fit, and it may change over time, or even throughout the day. It's not so much a position as a style.
    www.biologicalnurturing.com and http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfeeding.pdf

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