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Thread: Difference between right and left breasts

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    Default Difference between right and left breasts

    I'm a first time mother and my baby is 2 1/2 weeks old. When I first started nursing he had slow weight gain so I pumped and supplemented with what I pumped using a syringe for a week. At that time, when I pumped it appeared that my left breast produced more than my right breast.

    Now he is gaining weight so I am no longer pumping, but it seems like my left breast is producing significantly less than the right breast. He nurses for 10-15 minutes on the right breast, but on the left breast he will usually only nurse for a few minutes without fussing and taking himself off repeatedly. I constantly have to re-latch him, and he doesn't seem to suck as vigorously on the left side as on the right side so that he keeps slipping off. Sometimes he starts sucking and within a few minutes begins fussing. My left side doesn't feel as full or firm as the right side, either.

    Is it possible that my left breast is not producing much? Can I fix this somehow? Is there a way to check? Should I pump again?


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    It's quite common to have a favored, and therefore high producing, breast. Mine is my right and still after almost 2 years that's the case. To the point where my son will only start on the right now. You could try starting on the low producing side so it gets the most stimulation. But I will say, I've worked to try and get them more even and have never been able to. I wouldn't pump though. As long as your baby is getting enough I wouldn't stress it.
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    Iam able to get more out of my right side. I pump while I am at work and I can get 2oz of the right and 1oz out of the left per feeding. From what I have been told and read this is pretty common.
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    I also produce half as much on my left, with all three of the kids, not made as much on that side. Eventually my son refused my left side (let down slower?) and I fed him on my right only for 5 months until he self weaned.
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