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Thread: Should I pump just in case?

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    Hello. I have to return to work in November (a teacher and took FMLA leave) and I do leave the house sometimes. I only have about 5 bags of milk...well make that 3 bags (my MIL unthawed some) in the freezer. Should i pump more often. I only pump in the morning if my LO didn't wake up for longer then usual and I am engorged. I had an oversupply problem before and I don;t want that to happen again, that's why I haven't pumped much, and I don;t really like it. So how much should i have? I have an upright freezer so the milk should keep longer right?
    Thank you.

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    If I were you, sometime in October I would pump enough for a few more bags. I always liked to have 2-3 work days of milk in reserve. Other than that, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    ok thanks. I am a science teacher too.

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