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Thread: EBF, 6-wks PP, Mirena insertion, anyone BDTD?

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    Default EBF, 6-wks PP, Mirena insertion, anyone BDTD?

    Hi ladies,

    This is my second Mirena IUD but my first was about 11 years ago, so I'm basically starting all over again.

    Just had the Mirena inserted this morning and I've been having some spotting. I haven't had a period so far (6 weeks PP) so of course the sight of blood was SO welcome, especially since my lochia just ended like 2 weeks ago. My question is, how long did you spot for after insertion? NP said spotting for about 3 months isn't unheard of, but I'm REALLY hoping it doesn't last that long. Anyone have any experience with getting the Mirena while EBFing, and not having a period yet?

    Also, is it worth taking a supplement to make sure my milk supply doesn't drop? I bought Gaia Lactate Support a while ago but didn't try it because I haven't had any issues so far.

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    Default Re: EBF, 6-wks PP, Mirena insertion, anyone BDTD?

    I have a copper IUD so I have no experience with the effect the Mirena has on milk supply. As for spotting after insertion, it usually only lasts a couple of days, maybe a week (typically).

    I wouldn't take a supplement just yet, I would just keep nursing and counting wet diapers. Some women find that hormonal birth control causes their supply to drop drastically whereas others find no difference with supply whatsoever. We are each so different.

    I would, however, drink plenty of water and nurse on demand. If you notice your supply dropping you can then take measures to increase output - the first line of defence is usually to nurse MORE, but sometimes supplements are needed.

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    Default Re: EBF, 6-wks PP, Mirena insertion, anyone BDTD?

    I was in exactly that position--got Mirena inserted 6 weeks PP while EBF'ing. I spotted every day for about a month after the insertion, then it stopped and I haven't had any more spotting/bleeding since then. I'm now 8.5 months post-partum. I'm sure everyone's experience is different but I hope that helps. It was a pain in the arse to be spotting every day for a month and I hated it but so far it's been worth it for totally trouble-free, very-low-hormone birth control. I haven't noticed one whit of an effect on my supply, either. I've actually had a mild oversupply the entire time I've been BF'ing so no problems with the Mirena as far as that goes, for me.

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    Default Re: EBF, 6-wks PP, Mirena insertion, anyone BDTD?

    me too - mirena around 8 weeks pp. very little spotting then. starting at 9.5 months, i've had 1 day of very light spotting (like, not even worth a pantiliner) pretty close to every 5 weeks (which is my normal cycle), so i think that was return of my cycle.
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    Default Re: EBF, 6-wks PP, Mirena insertion, anyone BDTD?

    I don't remember much spotting when I got my Mirena inserted 6 weeks pp. I previously had fairly light periods, so it didn't make a difference. I also noticed no change in output with it. It was awesome bc, imo, so low maintenance. I had it about 3 1/2 years and I noticed my cycle shortening up and AF staying longer (like, starting every 21 days -- ANNOYING). We were planning to have #2, so I just had it pulled and my cycle went back to normal right away. I love my mirena. Even though we think we'll probably be done after this baby, I'll probably just get another one for a few years until we decide completely.

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    Default Re: EBF, 6-wks PP, Mirena insertion, anyone BDTD?

    I spotted for a few weeks then didn't get any spotting for months. I haven't had a normal cycle since I gave birth 19 months ago. Kind of annoying, actually, because I never know when some spotting is going to pop up, and when it does it might be on and off for a week or so.

    I had no issue with milk supply. My midwife said it is unlikely, but not unheard of, for Mirena to affect supply. Less likely than the mini pill, because the horomones are more localized (I am no doctor, this is all heresay). Keep an eye out for any indication of a supply drop, but chances are it will be fine.

    ETA: Mine was inserted 8 weeks PP
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