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Thread: 6 Month Old Not Eating During the Day/Frustrated

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    Default 6 Month Old Not Eating During the Day/Frustrated

    Hi Ladies:

    My name is Catherine and I am new to this site. I successfully bf my first dd (now 3) till 18 months and I am currently nursing my 6mo old. Both were ebf till 6 mo when I introduced solids. Currently, I am having a problem with my 6mo old not wanting to nurse/eat during the day. However, she does eat all night long and has since birth (I am a co-sleeper with no desire to push her to sleep through the night). I don't believe it is a nursing strike since she does occasionally have a snack and still eats at night. She has been extremely fussy but my ped found nothing wrong with her at her check-up on Monday. She cut her bottom teeth over three weeks ago so I have no idea what is going on. I have been pumping to maintain the feeds and have been pumping plenty of milk and my letdown has been completely normal. Anyone have any ideas or has had this situation with their child? She has also been an extremely distracted nurser for about a month now (which is also very frustrating) but now it has turned into not eating anything during the day (not even that interested in solids). She is gaining perfect weight, she is 19lb. 2oz at her 6 mo. appt., up a lb. since last month.



    PS. I am a teacher so I am home for the summer. My other daughter did the whole "refuse to eat while at daycare" routine so this is slightly different since I am around to feed her.

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    Default Re: 6 Month Old Not Eating During the Day/Frustrated

    Hi catherine,
    you're right. Your LO is so busy and distracted she doesn't want to settle down to nurse during the day.
    my dd2 also went through a phase where she did not nurse during the day but made up for it at night.
    my dd was abit older and was not yet eating solids.
    Once a week I spent the better part of an entire day in bed with her, just extra cuddles and more opportunity to nurse. Her older sister had quality time w/ friends and cousins.
    I did not spend the day in bed b/c of dd2's nursing behavior but in retrospect she did indeed nurse more on those days.
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    Default Re: 6 Month Old Not Eating During the Day/Frustrated

    Maybe try getting her to sleep, then dreamfeeding her. My dd is 5 months old and has been having a breast aversion for the past 3 months. I have been exclusively feeding her while she sleeps. This includes, bouncing/walking her to sleep and then slipping the nipple into her mouth after she falls asleep. She is perfectly capable of taking in full feeds while she sleeps. Might be worth a try so you don't have to pump! good luck mama!

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