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Thread: Need Assitance Increasing Milk Supply

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    Default Need Assitance Increasing Milk Supply

    I am a first time mother and am having trouble getting my milk supply ramped up. Our son is 3 weeks old and we have been supplementing with formula as I am not able to make enough milk. I am taking fenugreek, pumping after each feeding and my milk supply is not increasing. If I pump prior to feeding (breastfeeding along with a syringe of formula) I can get 2oz total (on a good day), but most likely get about 25 mL total. My goal is to get rid of the formula. Any suggestions or tips are greatly apprecited.

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    Default Re: Need Assitance Increasing Milk Supply

    The way a mother can ramp up her milk supply is
    1. Nurse more often, 10-12 times a day.
    2. spend a few days in bed with the baby with no other obligations. nurse around the clock

    this advice works if the baby is latching and sucking effectively.
    and if there is no physical anomaly suppressing milk production.
    if your LO has not latched and suckled effectively, you can get good results by expressing your milk w/ a hospital grade pump to stimulate a bountiful supply.
    feed the expressed milk or formula FIRST and then bring the baby to the breast.
    Also, rather than pumping after the baby has nursed, pump first to stimulate a let down and then see if that can entice your LO to suckle with gusto.
    at 3 weeks of age, your LO should be nursing every 2 -3 hours.
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    Finally done in 2001

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