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    Ok I have a question! I am nursing my 19 month old....ALOT. I still have NOT started menstruating again but for the past month I have been getting cramps that feel like period cramps and yet no sign of starting my period. I nursed my daughter until she was two and started menstruating when she was 18 months old. Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience or may know what's going on??

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    I'd say that it's likely a sign that your body is gearing up to cycle again. But if nothing happens after a couple months of this, then maybe talk to your doc/midwife?

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    I agree I would think your cycles will be returning fairly soon, but you could always talk to your doctor in a few months just in case you have a cyst or something else going on.
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    This has been happening to me as well! It is so uncomfortable...my LO is 13 months old and I'd say for the past 4 months I get those feelings at least one week out the month and still no PPP!...My midwife didn't seem to be worried at all so I guess it's normal but it does weird me out especially because its so uncomfortable

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    It may also be a sign that you are ovulating even though your periods haven't returned. If the pain is really troublesome, perhaps insist to be seen by your midwife. Your intuition may be speaking & you deserve to be comfortable. Any chance you could be pregnant?

    Good luck- I hope you feel better soon.

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