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Thread: Build Supply for Remaining Feedings - 13 1/2 months

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    Default Build Supply for Remaining Feedings - 13 1/2 months

    I am having trouble getting my supply regulated for my 13.5 month toddler. My son wants a big feeding at bedtime. I dropped 1 pumping during the day at work. I still pump twice at work but would like to stop daytime pumping soon too. He has cut back on his 1st a.m. feeding and he dropped his after-work feeding.

    He is very unsatisfied with his bedtime nursing - and will sometimes nurse over an hour at bedtime. Last night, I asked if he wanted more milk. I offered him expressed milk. He drank another 2-3 ounces and was then able to fall asleep.

    What can I do to help boost the supply for that feeding while he is shortening/dropping his other sessions.

    My 2 a.m. session is yielding very little milk (he still nurses at 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.) - as I pumped while traveling last night.

    If I started domperidone again - would it help? It seems a bit extreme since the overall sessions have cut back quite a bit. I would like to get to bedtime feedings and overnight as needed. I would have kept the first a.m. feeding too - but he is excited to get his day started.

    Any advice on building quantity on the sessions he has kept???

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    Default Re: Build Supply for Remaining Feedings - 13 1/2 months

    The best way to increase supply is to increase stimulation to and milk removal from the breast. I wouldn't choose the Domperidone route if there was any chance of boosting supply via pumping (maybe after your baby goes to bed?) or increased nursing, or if you could simply tough this out and let your baby adjust to a lower supply.

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