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    I just wanted to say that if anyone would like to get ahold of my about breastfeeding adopted children, they may email me directly at noelani54@hotmail.com I have breastfed six adopted babies and been counseling other moms for about 23 years, now. I don't claim to know everything, and am still learning, but the basics are still essentially the same as they were when my firsts child was born, nearly 30 years ago. I want to help, but I sometimes forget to come here and check this board and I know that, often, moms really need help right away. So, please feel free to write to me. Unless it is something you find especially personal, I would probably give you my ideas about your question here on this board, so that others can read it, too.

    If this picture I am attempting to attach is successful, what you will see if me, nursing my fifth adopted baby, about 18 years ago. I miss it very much. When I was nursing, I always knew I was absolutely doing the best I could do for them. It hasn't been anywhere near as easy to know if I was doing the right thing, since!
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